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  • I hate cinnamon raisin stuff. I mean it tastes good, but I’m always like

    Is that weird looking spot going to kill me or is it just a raisin

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    Do something today that your future self with thank you for.

    #fitness #motivational #inspirational

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    The Goblet of Hellfire: Supernatural Hogwarts Sorting Part 4: Slytherin

    Bela Talbot, Lucifer, Meg Masters, Crowley, Samuel Campbell, Abaddon, Balthazar, Ruby

    Read the explanation at

    Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff | Slytherin

    A lot of demons to no one’s surprise. But a few humans and one of my all time favorite angels!

    Do you think we’ll get more sassy angels this season? I hope so.

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  • "if you consider a woman less pure after you’ve touched her
    maybe you should take a looks at your hands"
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    this just hit me so hard

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    "nobody fucking helps me in this house"

    I’m laughing so hard at this

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    this dog is that character you think is evil but actually has a heart of gold


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    This is becoming more and more relevant every fucking day

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